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Single Position Laboratory Texturing Machine

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Compact FFT drawtexturizing machine designed for ease of operation by a single person.

Made in USA – Now available through PolySpinTex.

Intelitex package includes an Excel computation program which is used to calculate setup conditions for 70-300 denier yarns, which will guide the non-texturing expert to a proper starting point for key parameters.


A detailed discussion of the primary components will follow. An overview of the DTY machine is:

Intelitex DTY

Intelitex DTY

  1. G1 – POY is pre-tensioned to secure wraps on the first godet, G1. Yarn is guided into the Primary Heater (PH) by a rotating twist stop and a draw tension (T1) sensor.
  2. Primary Heater (PH) – The 1.5meter Dowtherm heater heats the yarn to the desired temperature (as calculated by the Intelitex software) to aid in drawing and heat setting the twist.
  3. Turning Guide Track- A rotating turning guide is used to reduce tensions and consequently yarn damage; a stationary guide is also supplied if this is desired. The sliding track is moved to the far left to position yarn outside the heater track when stringing up, and is later slid back into the running position upon stringup. Yarn is guided out of the primary heater and into the cooling plate. An air cooling gun is available for additional plate cooling if long run times on heavy denier yarns are causing excess plate temperature (<90C advised).
  4. FFT Unit- Imparts the false twist into the yarn. It is followed by the T2 texturing tension sensor.
  5. Second Zone- Drawing is determined by the draw ratio DR = G2/G1. The yarn is overfed to the secondary heater, over the metered finish applicator, and through the entanglement jet to G3.
  6. Winding- For simplicity and ease of operation, a Leesona winder is utilized. As a tension control winder, the compensator arm senses the yarn tension and either speeds up or slows down the bobbin chuck speed to maintain winding tension.
  7. Central Control Panel- controllers for motor speeds and heater temperatures are within easy reach for rapid adjustment while observing the running yarn.
  8. Other Controls- Located at the winder end of the panel, pressure regulators are evident for the adjustment of entanglement and air gun cooling; these also have on/off valves. A peristaltic pump with its built in adjustments is here for finish application. Also the 120V electrical outlet is used to power the pump and the winder.


ITM Texturing Machine

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ITM2004, Istanbul, Turkey
The International Textile Machinery Exhibition in Turkey

FK6-HY2V Texturing Machine



FK6.HY-2BV High Speed Draw-Texturing Machine

Model FK6.HY-2BV High Speed Draw-texturing Machine, a newly developed machine for simultaneous draw texturing of continuous filament polyester yarns 30D to 300D, is especially suitable for micro filament or multiporous fiber. V-configuration, ultra-long primary heater and cooling zone, are suitable for high speed production. W2X, located between W2 and secondary heater is for the optimization of yarn tension to facilitate the production of intermingled yarn. New type bobbin holders will securely hold the take up tubes, reliably stop and the high contact pressure allows the production of bigger packages with a superior package build. (more…)